Monday, 27 November 2017

Parking makes more than £2million for Solihull Council

SOLIHULL Council raked in £2.26million in parking charges in the last financial year, new statistics reveal.
This figure represents revenue brought in from standard car park charges and penalties issued to those who ignore restrictions.
The figure for 2016/17 was up from £1.87million in the previous 12 months and is the first noticeable rise in the borough for three years.
According to a league table collated by the RAC Foundation, Solihull lies 93rd out of 353 councils in England when it comes to the amount of money it made over the course of the year.
The Local Government Association (LGA) insisted that funds are put back into essential transport projects, although the RAC Foundation believes that taxpayers should ask for more detailed information about how local authorities spend the cash.
The league table shows that London dominated the list in terms of the sums of money raised. In Westminster, which is top of the pile, the surplus from parking revenue was an eye-watering £73.2million.
Solihull's position put the borough slightly below the likes of Harrogate and Worcester, but just ahead of Cheltenham, Coventry and North Tyneside.

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