Saturday, 3 February 2018

Meriden MP speaks in firework debate

MERIDEN MP Caroline Spelman has said she hopes the Government will introduce tighter controls on firework displays, amid mounting animal welfare concerns.
Earlier this week, Dame Caroline spoke in a Parliamentary debate about possible options for changing the law.
The discussion was triggered after more than 100,000 people signed an online petition, which argued in favour of limiting public use of fireworks to just four days a year (Bonfire Night, New Year's Eve, Chinese New Year and Diwali).
In particular, concerns were raised about the fact that increasing use of rockets was causing difficulties for those with pets and livestock.
Dame Caroline, who chairs the all-party Parliamentary group on horses, pointed out that, since 2010, 15 horses had been killed and 60 injured as a result of fireworks being set off.
Commenting afterwards, she said: "We hope the Government will look at ways to tighten the licences around major displays so that more consideration is given to the  location where fireworks are being let off so that they don't cause animals - as well as humans - distress."
Following the petition, a spokesman for the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said: "Although there is some use of fireworks outside the traditional periods, we believe that the majority of people who use fireworks do so at the appropriate times of year and have a sensible and responsible attitude towards them.
"There are no plans at the moment to place further limitations on their use."

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