Sunday, 7 January 2018

Students engage in heated debate on climate change

EMERGING THREAT: Despite a recent cold snap, English winters are
expected to become milder and wetter due to changes in climate.

FOUR schools from North Solihull were among those who recently came together to take part in a Model Climate Conference
The Mayor of Solihull, Councillor Stuart Davis, welcomed the students to the Civic Suite for the discussion session - which focused on one of the biggest challenges facing world leaders.
Pupils from the CTC Kinghurst Academy, Grace Academy, John Henry Newman Catholic College and Park Hall Academy, joined representatives from Lode Heath and St Peter’s.
The event was organised by the charity Interclimate Network, which works nationwide to raise awareness about the environmental dangers to the planet.
The conference aimed to give students the experience of what it feels like to negotiate at the United Nations. The pupils received background papers and each group was assigned a country that they would represent at the conference.
Following the discussions, pupils were tasked with coming up with a series of pledges that they will have to persuade their school to sign up to.
These included creating art pieces using only recycled materials, hosting Great British Bake Off-style competitions using only Fairtrade ingredients and working to make sure their school becomes more energy efficient.

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